Yamaha XV750 Cafe Racer

I know this is a bit of an oddball bike, but look at it.  The styling and craftsmanship on this bike speak for themselves.  When was the last time you heard of a Yamaha XV750, let alone set eyes on one that looks this good.  This bike comes to HONAHA from the Netherlands, and is a wonderful example of how there are other bikes besides cb’s and xs’s that can be amazing cafe racers. Enjoy this v-twin beast.

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7 Responses to Yamaha XV750 Cafe Racer

  1. Mike McLintock says:

    Very nice Cafe’…now I know what to do with an xv750….

  2. projectbike says:

    I agree with Mike above, this is an amazing piece of workmanship and I had not previously thought about this engine as a possibility in my research for ‘donor’ bikes…great work!

  3. Roni says:

    one of the best cafe ever 😉 that’s pure creative mind in competition with such an unpopular model as xv750 SE.Best wishes

  4. Tim Potter says:

    Hot damn! I’v been looking for somone who could/would do this type of thing w/the Virago motor. My ’83 750 Midnight Special had a viscious mid range rush up to about 7 or 8 k rpm. I loved that bike and want that motor in a street tracker. Thanks for showing your excellent work!

  5. Tim Potter says:

    Would like some details about this bike, such as frame used, front forks/triple clamps used, engine performance mods, rear shock arrangement and type. I would love to build one myself. I prefer sort of a hybrid between street tracker and cafe racer: like a tracker w/front fender, bikini fairing, engine cowl/chin spoiler w/narrow tracker style bars. Ya gotta have a dream! Any bits of info offered would be most appreciated.

  6. wynand says:

    what a great project, just bought a vx 750 for €250.00. normally hate the model, but in a few months it should be somewhat like this one.
    most beautifull i`ve seen unto now.

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