Yamaha XS 650 Street Tracker / Cafe Racer

Here is another absolutely beautiful example of a Yamaha XS650 street tracker. This bike is one of the nicest Yamahas HONAHA has ever seen.  This is an amazing mixture of old and new school styling.  Notice the Buell front end, the front and rear discs, all the  modern exhaust and wheels all seamlessly inergrated with the old frame, engine, paint scheme, and plastics.  This is a true work of art.  I think my next project my be an XS.  For more info click.  Stick around for more to come.

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4 Responses to Yamaha XS 650 Street Tracker / Cafe Racer



  2. rschilperoort says:

    Sadly no. I only wish I owned this bike.

  3. Morgan says:

    I own a Yamaha XS 650, its in a good condition and will be turned into a Street Tracker soon

  4. Floris says:

    Very nice bike.
    Though it’s not very original, i’d like to duplicate this bike. Just bought me a XS 650 special from ’79, to be rebuild. (like this one)

    I like to get more info about what kinda parts are used.
    Gastank, seat, exhaust. Where can i get these things ?

    I live in the Netherlands, and its hard to get the right stuff, overhere.
    So please let me know.

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