Wild Custom Cafe Racer Project

This is one wild custom. There really isn’t much I can say about this thing, but wow. Personally, I still can’t decide if I really like it. But what I do know is that it’s clean, unique, and very hard to build. This thing is like a cross between a Hayabusa and a Norton. I expect to get some comments back on this one, I want to know what you guys think. Start Thinking.

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7 Responses to Wild Custom Cafe Racer Project

  1. RCB550 says:

    Looks straight out of Akira. It’s not the “cafe” look but its awesome.

  2. Pw says:

    Interesting. Can’t say that I dislike it.

  3. MOE says:

    That thig is crazy cool. Its like the future of cafe’s.

  4. danrey danzell says:

    JESUS!!!!, man that’s one beautiful bike my brotha’, I”d love ride that or have one built like that, not to exact specs of course. If u built this. Send me ur info.


  5. The bike was a fun project, used aftermarket v-twin bits, running just the front cylinder, put a rear head on front, made cam up and changed push rod angles to do it, rotated engine back 15* and moved it closer to transmision.A Rotrex supercharger sits where the rear jug normally would, air pumped from it(22psi) runs through intercooler , 54mm throttlebody above head forward and enters port near neck /downtubes. Hand made Chromo. frame, girder front end with hidden shock inside frame neck, hand formed aluminium bodywork. Runs nitrous as wellhas two fuel punps on board and two progressive fuel regulators to compensate for boost.
    Those drumhubs are manually machined from solid 12 and 14″ 6061, have 11.25″ perimiter mounted brake discs and four piston calipers inside…. lotsa work… kinda showie but it hit 165 at Bonneville in ’07.

  6. Michael Moore says:

    Dare to be different dude! I love it. How does it ride? Do you enjoy it and the attention? Do you feel free on it? I say to he’ll what the haters think and be your own style. The world needs the envelope to be pushed, to change the design, function and form! Keep it up and like to see more of this. Signed rider 4 life

  7. nic says:

    it’s a great bike and an amazing build. been watching this bike on various sites for a while and it is truely beautiful machine. Not sure about the yellow paint it ended up with, looked a bit plastic in a way that took away from the engineering. if you haven’t seen it check out the salt flats video.

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