Yamaha XS 650 cafe racer

Here is a little more Yamaha love.  Its been a while since HONAHA has posted anything for the Yammy fans.  This bike is seriously ill.  Check the long tank, the subtle bubble seat, and the super clean 2 into 1.  This bike has a ton of work put into it.  It’s bikes like this one that make me think about switching sides, and being a yamaha guy.  Look over this bike closely, there is much to be soaked in.  Really though…. i’ll always be partial to Honda.  Close to converting this time though.  You Yamaha guys keep it fresh like this, and you may convince me one day.  Until then….see more at 650motorcycles.

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3 Responses to Yamaha XS 650 cafe racer

  1. david says:

    Thats a beautiful bike… I just bought a 79 and want to achieve a very similar look… any idea where I could get a tank like that?

  2. Mark says:

    There’s a very clean ’75 for sale near me, and this might have just sold me on it! I would love to achieve something similar, although it sure would be a nice “stocker” too!

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